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We enable IT-security teams to conduct holistic & efficient security operations by integrating a range of security capabilities into a single product, making it easier to effectively analyze and respond to threats and incidents.

Challenges we tackle

Enhance your Security posture by facing everyday SOC-team challenges

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Alert Fatigue

Alert fatigue can lead to overwhelmed security teams, who struggle to sift through a high volume of irrelevant alerts, and may miss threats that truly matter. This affects not only the efficiency of the SOC team, but also the security of the whole organization.

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Various data Silos with different data formats

Various data silos with different data formats, can create a major hurdle for teams as they try to access, understand and use the data effectively. This can lead to delays in decision making and increased risk for the organization. Furthermore, it's becoming increasingly harder to have a comprehensive view of an organization's security landscape.

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Lack of visibility

As IT environments continue to evolve and become increasingly complex, it is becoming increasingly difficult for teams to get a complete and real-time understanding of the organization's security posture. This lack of visibility can make it challenging to detect and respond to threats in a timely manner, and can increase the risk of breaches and other security incidents.

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Our SaaS platform helps to overcome
these challenges

It combines security orchestration, automation & response (SOAR) with threat intelligence capabilities by leveraging automated intelligence collection and correlation of data from multiple internal and external sources.

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Crafting Intelligence

Providing a comprehensive and contextualized view
of relevant information

By combining our platform capabilities and uniform datamodel we ensure that all of the data collected is structured and organized in a consistent manner. Furthermore, it allows to reveal patterns and connections across multiple investigations that may not be immediately apparent.

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Context - Connections - Correlations
Making intelligence accessible for informed decisions & to respond to threats appropriately

Connecting operational & domain knowledge to create actionable intelligence

Indicators: Domain - URL - IP - Hash - etc.
Parse important information from data to transform it into our unified data model making it more accessible

Input Data: Emails - Files - Events - etc.
Collect information from different internal and external data sources

5 Reasons Why

Benefits that upgrade your Sec-Ops process


Gain valuable insights from data across your organization

Big picture of your security data

Our uniform data model helps make collected data more accessible by standardizing the structure and format of the data, making it easy to search, query, and analyze. It allows for more efficient use of data across different teams and systems, saving time and leading to correlation of the collected data, thus uncovering connections that are not immediately apparent.

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Improve Your Data-Driven Decision Making

Meaningful Reports

Our platform provides a holistic view of the collected data by giving you a single overview and a uniform threat score. This enables informed decisions through a comprehensive understanding of the security situation, resulting in a stronger security posture and reduced risk.

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Relieve the burden on your SOC-Team

Give them a tool to defeat the vast number of alerts

Unleash the full potential of your analysts & relieve them from the burden of repetitive and time-consuming tasks, so they can spend their time on the more important & interesting ones. Our platform provides a clear and easy to use interface that helps them quickly identify, understand and respond to security incidents. This allows for more efficient use of their time and a greater focus on high-priority incidents.

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Lift your level of security

Allow your company to focus on its core business

Use your limited resources more efficiently and allow your security team to focus on their core responsibilities, instead of getting bogged down with day-to-day tasks.

By integrating threat intelligence into the incident response process, your teams can better understand the nature and scope of an incident, and respond more effectively, making your overall security posture stronger.

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Get the most out of your security budget

Efficient usage of Resources

Incident Process

From long data collection and preparation to more time for analysis + faster & informed decisions

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We enable IT-security teams to conduct holistic & efficient security operations by integrating a variety of security capabilities into a single platform.

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